The Right Diet For Your Pet

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In people, the right diet is very important. If you are eating the wrong way for your metabolism, activity level, age and lifestyle you could end up with health issues. The same goes for your pet, and if your cat or dog is fed an unsuitable diet, they can suffer the consequences health-wise. A balanced and high quality pet diet is incredibly important to ensure optimum health for your furry companion in all stages of their life.

There are so many different pet food brands and types on the market today that the choice may seem overwhelming. You may think that most of them are pretty much the same and you can just feed your pet any old brand and it won't make any difference, however taking a look at the ingredients at most pet foods found in supermarkets and the like could surprise you. Many have very low meat content (around 4%) and include dozens of artificial additives and preservatives which do not contribute positively to a healthy pet diet.

Getting it right

The next step is to look for a brand of food that will offer you a balanced and healthy pet diet with ranges for different ages and activity levels because different pets have different needs. The needs of a puppy or kitten nutritionally are different to those of adult pets. Every optimal pet diet should conform to the needs of your pet, their breed, age, lifestyle and more.

Hills Pet provide a scientifically developed pet diet for dogs and cats which changes as their needs do. Hills Science Plan meets the precisely balanced nutritional requirements to promote a healthy and long life for your cat or dog, from the very early stages of life, throughout adulthood and into their more mature years.

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