Are your Dog’s Bad Habits Stomach Churning?

Dogs are naturally curious. That can mean that they sniff out all sorts of things they shouldn’t - spoiled food, decomposing carcases and discarded human snacks – and sometimes they even take a bite or two, just to see how this odd smelling thing might taste.

Not surprisingly, these bad habits can lead to tummy trouble with retching and vomiting, as well as diarrhoea, the most likely consequences. While distressing to both the dog and the owner, these signs sometimes pass relatively quickly. Some dogs suffer longer term problems, perhaps because some of their organs are not functioning well and their ability to digest and absorb their food is compromised. If your dog likes to cruise the local rubbish bins or keeps its nose to the kerb in the hope of snatching a tasty morsel, you may have to take action, as this kind of scavenging could be a trigger for all sorts of digestive disorders.

Feeding a good quality petfood such as Hill’s Science Plan or Science Plan VetEssentials, keeping to a routine and controlling the amount you feed, can all help when it comes to maintaining the health of the gastrointestinal system. For dogs with longer term problems it may be possible to keep their digestive function controlled by feeding a specially formulated Prescription Diet appropriate to their condition. Ask your vet to recommend the food that is most suitable to manage your pet’s digestive disorder.

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