Two Important Ways to Keep Your Dog's Meals Healthy

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Dog eatingWith all the different brands and formulations available, buying dog food and dog treats can seem like an overwhelming task at times. Here are a few things you DO NOT want to do if you want to keep your dog healthy and well fed.

Don’t Skip the Vet Visit
A dog's nutrition and health are intrinsically connected. So what better person to give you a recommendation on dog food and treats before you make a purchase than your veterinarian? He or she can assess your dog’s body condition and make a scientific recommendation based on the results. A veterinarian can also point out any possible negative reactions your dog may have due to his current state of health. For instance, did you know if your dog is currently on a therapeutic dog food, certain canned dog foods can actually negate the benefits the therapeutic dog food is providing?

Don’t Ignore the Calories
In addition to providing recommendations on a well-balanced dog food, your veterinarian can ensure Fido is on a "calorie conscious" dog food. Most dog food manufacturers will provide the number of calories (often listed as kilocalories or kcal per cup) on their websites as well as a chart of recommended feeding guidelines on the back of the bag of dog food or treats. But this guideline may not accurately account for your dog’s unique calorie needs. Your veterinarian is best at making a calorie recommendation to keep Fido at a healthy weight, especially if you want to mix dry and canned dog food as well as treats in their daily nutrition.

For the complete slideshow on 3 Dog Food Mistakes to AVOID, visit petMD.

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